Monday, March 31, 2008

30th March Outing (Part 2)

Ah Long Pte Ltd

This is another Jack Neo film which is set out to tickle fellow Malaysians and Singaporeans..
Having some of the same cast as "Just Follow Law", The story sets out to shed some light regarding Ah Longs (illegal money lender).The shows has a vague similarity as the previous film, as the lead female character is a strong female and the male a girly man...

This show is rated 18 PL for various reasons, as many crude and vulgar were used in the conversations, there is a little more blood and gore, plus a scene depicting more nudity than the previous film. As in contrast to his previous film "Just Follow Law", Ah Long Pte Ltd sets out on a different and more controversial film.. Depicting the lead male character as a girly man, whom faces discrimination as a soft person.

This Jack Neo film has change the way he tells his story, showing more action and humor, more than just savvy conversations and harsh words.

I rate this show:
Watch only if you are prepared to accept the crude way of gangster life.. This is not the humorers " Just Follow Law".. This show is rated 18PL for a reason...

Tea at Plus Shabu Shabu

Japanese Steam Boat:
This is the first time I ate Japanese steam boat, please note that I have ate chinese steam boat, lok lok from the back of the truck and even having 1 at home plus grill too..
As 4 of us, Mel, Kelly, Jun Long (Issit Jun or Yun??) and me, decided to eat something after the movie. Although all of us was not that hungry because of the pop corn, cheese rings and not enough sleep..

The place has good ventilation for a close air space, has a high ceiling plus good service... The waiters and waitress were kind and helpful.. As the guy help me with the conduction induction heater which is written in some foreign tongue that i can't read.. The food is roughly RM20++ bucks per person, giving that they serve you a standard dish of vegies noodles,1 big prawn,etc and a special dish which you can choose between beef, fish and others... Given that the portion of the food was so so for RM20 bucks.. They give you a standard dish with a soup of choice which can be refilled with a press of a button.. Drinks however, is served per jug.. Which is 1.5 liters... All was well except that the sour plum thingy that we ordered requires "acquired taste". As this being a Japanese steamboat, there was less chance of oily-chopstick-coated-with-saliva fishing through meat in a big pot...
This place is neat for those people whom do not like steamboat because of the saliva-sharing-stuff.. For big eaters and those who prefer variety of choises, All you can steamboat wins hands down...

Yes, All of us had different shapes of jelly...
The various sauces available for picking
Girls taking picture of their desert, Mel had a heart shape jelly..
Spending a few minutes slicing the jelly apart with her fork..
Urm... *Kelly looks on Mel still slicing that pudding

Group Picture from my phone
Top: Jun Long, Me
Btm: Mel, Kelly
-Taken by Ling, the staff-

The day is not over yet...

After Jun Long left for a COD:4 Clan tourney, I bumped into Christine at MPH... Taken this oh-so-weird-looking picture in the taxi on the way back..

Day end..

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