Thursday, March 27, 2008

L change the WorLd

Date: 26th March 2008
Venue: GSC @ Midvalley Megamall
Official release date: April 3rd 2008

Firstly, i would like to thank Nuffnang, Columbia Pictures Malaysia, GSC and all to provide such an interesting event to us fellow bloggers.

-L change the world-

Synopsis from the press kit:

To solve the KIRA Case, L (Kenichi Matsuyama) leaves Los Angeles for Japan as Kira is in Japan 97% of the time. At the same time, his intuition tells him that he may never again return to Los Angeles.

Known as Kira, Light Yagami (Tatsuya Fujiwara) uses the Death Note to attempt to become God of a criminal-free new world. L tries to end the case by revealing Kira’s true identity. As the ferocious battle of wits between the two geniuses is about to reach the climax, a small village in Thailand is exterminated. Everything is incinerated as if to destroy any traces that the village has ever existed. What happened here?

The KIRA case closes but L loses his mentor, Watari (Shunji Fujimura). Watari had established the Wammy’s House where L grew up and was L’s most trusted partner. His unpredicted death leaves L devastated. In the 23 days that he has left in the human world, L takes on the task of solving the cases left by Watari even though he was plagued by the enormous loss. As all the cases get solved, a ‘gift’ addressed to Watari arrives. This ‘gift’ turns out to be a little boy. From the SD card that the taciturn BOY (Narushi Fukuda) has in his possession, L learns that the child is the only survivor of the already exterminated Thai village. L also discovers the conspiracy behind the Thai village tragedy with the use of a man-made “God of Death”.

L has another visitor, this time, a girl. Her name is Maki (Mayuko Fukuda) and she tells L that her father had asked her to deliver something to Watari before he died a horrible death. As L realizes that the item brought in by the girl is indeed the “God of Death” in question, pursuers are closing in. In order to protect the 2 children, L has to take physical action. Physical? Yes, the realm that L is not known to operate nor excel in!

My comments:

If you are a fan of L from the death note series, this is a must watch show. If you hadn't had much interest in the death note series, but thinks that the character L is amusing, different and sometimes weird. Then this show is a show for you. As the title shows, L is the main focus of the story. Although the English title is "L change the WorLd", If i am not mistaken the Japanese version is L and the last 23 days. Which i find the Japanese title more suiting to the show. As Death Note is a movie based on the famous manga, L change the WorLd is based on the last 23 days of L from Death Note 2 : The Last Name. This allowed the director and scriptwriter unlock huge amount of creativity without changing the main story, as long as its within 23 days.. and 23 days is a long time..

Movie rating= Worth the watch, more if you like the character L

More Pictures from the movie:
Do you know what's this??

L prepares to jump!!

Trio of evil

A very Awww moment

The Hot villain with a shortgun..

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