Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Street King

-Yes, I haven't posted in such a long while..

Street Kings

I saw this movie last week with my bro and retinue...

Being a fan of 3 famous stars:
Keanu Reeves , bing the emotional Neo from the matrix trilogy
Forest Whitaker, King of Scotland's ruthless general
and Hugh Laurie from House

Upon seeing these stars in the show, you have to give them credit for their acting skills and presentation in the film. As the show starts of with Tom (Keanu Reeves) getting up for a backyard arms deal. Then the suspends slowly grows to show the full plot of the show.

Keanu Reeves as the trigger-happy detective Tom Ludlow

Now, the show has lots of shootie scenes to fill up the action void. The chemistry between all the character is like vanilla ice cream and coke. They taste good as it is and better with each other. For all the good things that put the show together from the casts, bullets and all the props used in the show. These was 1 flaw that put a huge dent in this movie: The plot.
The plot makes no sense to me, no sense at all. From a trigger happy cop, to a gong-ho revenge seeking cop, then he practically shoots everyone in the hood. How did he get away with it?? by killing his own boss...
Geeze, It doesn't make any sense to me. More to show that this only happens in the movies.
That shows that such a great cast from different acting backgrounds with their own success under their belt are still doomed when you have a half-drunk writing your movie script.
The movie is so bad, you actually will forget most of the scenes after a sweet nap. Enough said. Thank god that this movie is no longer screening. For those who wants to get the DvD copy, I suggest you save that buck for a raining day.

-watching Iron Man this weekend, hope it doesn't suck as bad as this-

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Starting the week.... on the second day....

Yes, Its a Monday... Tuesday.. A day which much much more motivation is required to start moving and getting things done...

On Monday:

There was driving lesson at 1.. It was suppose to be my last driving lesson, as I have the driving examination on the next day... I was still very much blur on the hill climb test, and yes, I was half awake at mid-day.. (my blur syndrome have a long timespan.. live with it)
To my surprise, my instructor wanted to go to the JPJ course located near Batu Caves. (note:I learn my driving in Kepong)It was still far, plus the last time we went there. We were stuck in a blardy traffic jam that took out valuable time, and causing frustration and pain.(BEWARE!!! The faulty clutch induces angle injuries.)
To my expectation, he came to pick me up late as always. Plus the long lag along Jalan Kuching didn't help in anyway, we took a turn and rounded up the lesson.. Yes, I was pissed as i didn't practice any Hill Clime ,3 point turn or side parking.. 2 hours "hangus" because of a jam and his "punctuality"

Note: Driving Instructors are important, they give the "Gure kencing berdiri, Murid kencing berlari" syndrome.. Please find a "proper" driving school when time comes..

P.S: Till to date, I've spent a total of 24 hours driving on the road. (12 hours extra)

On Tuesday, (Exam Day, D-Day [Driving Day], whateverdoomdayyoucanthinkof)

Yeesh, the place located for the driving test is located in Ulu Langat. For those who don't know where it is:

*Ulu Langat:
SEE!!! Its located the other end of KL, just imagine the oh-so-uncomfortable 1 hour party van transport van ride. ONE WHOLE HOUR JUST TO REACH THE DESTINATION MAN!!!! URGHHHH!!!! As i reach the driving school right on time, waited for 10 mins.. Then the boss came, then some dude which took his long sweet time made us wait and wait and wait... Like the anxiety of the exam is not enough.. Waiting for it made it worst man!!!

OK, ok.. It took another hour to reach that place.. Enough rants about it, the place is actually quite serene, quiet, cooling and it feels somewhat like the foothill of genting.. MMhhh... Yes, the good environment did its magic.. Its actually a very nice place to take your exam, its not that hot.. but beware of the scary JPJ officers

All in all, It took 10 minutes to finish all the test required. The rest of the time was wasted waiting for our turn, waiting for our L lisance, and waiting for the others to finish their test... Its more waiting then anything els.. and Yes, I did pass my driving test.. On the road was not bad, as the place is quiet and there was little traffic. The hill clime was tricky, but the constant practice (and scholding from that instructor) did help. Finally, The exam is done, and I'll be getting my P lisance on thursday.

Till Then....

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Freeze for World Earth Day!!!

Freezing.. Yes, Freezing is now a very "in" event hosted by a facebook group... Giving the major success from the previous event in Pavilion KL. They are at it again.. Freezing for a course, freezing for the earth, Freeze for World Earth Day!!

Freeze Site

Freeze for 4 minutes
Freeze at 8pm
Sunday 20th April
Sunway Pyramid

What is Freeze??

-Inspired by Joshua-

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I've just learned a very good lesson:
Do NOT try to show off your voltage regulator and stick a vacuum cleaner with a PC..
Yes, its been a while since I've did house work.. So i was pretty lazy to remove the other plug which was attached to the wall, and the voltage regulator had a free spot....
And puff....... The thing just won't on anymore.... I've fused the fuse...
On the bright side, It was a voltage regulator.. Not an extension cable, I could have blown some other electrical utensils if it was the latter...
On the other hand, Now I can't access the PC at home until I buy that piece of fuse for it.. Bohoo for me...

Tag from Amelia:
I'd think tags are okay, but since I was first on that list of yours... So I took the initiative of doing it... (great, now i have to think of other people to tag.. can i see a hands of who like tags??)

5 things found in my bag:

-More Dust
-A long lost pen
-Nothing els (yes, I've not been to school or any place that require to use a bag..)

5 things found in my wallet:

- Money
-Name Card (Bloggers don't have cards :P)
-Heart shape 1 buck folded by Ann (I think it was her.. I've never manage to do 1 myself)
-Some templely thingy i got from Penang

5 favourite things in my room:

- Bed
- Bookcase!!!!
- Balcony
- Wardrobe?
- bathroom? Does that count

5 things I've always wanted to do:

-Go Bungee jumping
-Weapons Training (more shootas!!)

5 things I'm currently into:

-Warhammer 40K minatures
-Photography (Canon 5S IS)
-Housekeeping -____-

5 presents you wish for:

- More time
- A car
- A gathering of school friends (Khit Yeng don't cry when you see this :P)
- Money help.. Only in big amount I mean the amount doesn't matter
- More time... Time is priceless

The person who tagged you is:
- Amelia, Look for here there>>>>>>>>>

Your 5 impressions of him/her:

- Friendly
- Funny
- Bright
- Emo at times
- Best person to have around in any occasion

Pass the quiz to 5 people that you wish to know how they feel about you:

Urm... Since she's passed to so many:

-Ann!! ( I want to trouble you more)
-Ee Wynn ( Your hols are here, so you are free!!)
- Carmen
- Lily ( :P cuz i know both of you will do it)
- Last but not least, Kit Chai..

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

SMK Tropicana Visit

Yes, I was bored to my bones and i didn't had anything particularly interesting to do. So I went back to school and did a write up about it. For those who wants recent insight about it, cheers and indulge.. *btw, it started with Ann and Khit getting Emo about all these....*School, Still How it used to be.. Only looking better...

Firstly, I went to school to donate some of my unused revision, text other various books.
Besides that, I too went asking and surveying about how school has changed over the pass 6 months.. Giving that 6 months isn't too short a time.. Here's 1 of the drastic changes:

The school canteen has been revamped, cleaned, painted and all sorts of improvement that can be done in the short 6 months are either done or in the process..
School canteen is the major if not only food provider in the school compounds. Having stuff and scuffle over the same food over the last few years, changes are starting to show..
Fast-food delivery services made their daily errands to the school gate, providing the students with their daily meals.
The problems of the previous school canteen was very obvious.

En.Suhaimi is the current tender to the school canteen, having more than 30 years of experience in the food industry and being to various other schools. Having showed various improvement in the status of the school canteen, En.Suhaimi shares with us his tactics and believes of success.
He believes that the progress and character of a student is widely affected by the food services provided by the school.
" The dialog between Students, Teachers and the canteen operator is vital to the success of the canteen." -En.Suhaimi"

The School's main coutyard

Having physical changes in the school compound, the school administration has already set in motion plans to change the ways and culture of the school.
Pn. Sakiah as our headmistress aims to increase the passing rate for both PMR and SPM this year. With the notion of the school being more recognize, various inter-school competition had been held in this school. She also would continue the quality improvement in the results of SPM from the previous 2 batch. The upcoming event is the "Hari Anugerah Cemerlang 2007/2008" which gives out tokens of appreciation to students whom fared well in their examination. This event would be held on the 26th of April concurrently with the 7th PIBG meeting. Students, Ex-students and parents are encourage to attend the event to show support for the school.

The Mini Botanical Garden with reflexology path

Encik Razaman being the PK Ko-ko has new plans and structure to improve the way Co-curriculum activities are being carried out in the school. His theme of events this year is "Explore and Explode", he pushes to explore the possibilities of club and bodies of the school. With that, he would launch the school's activities to high status with an exploding event.
In conjunction of the school planning, there would be a in-school camp for all uniform bodies in the school. Ex-students that want to pass their knowledge to the younger are welcome to school.

School main compound.

Last but not least, the once maths genius Sufiah Yusof whom caused much shock to the Malaysian community serves as a lesson to school students. In a public speaking speech, Sarah from 2A gives her piece of mind on the infamous Sufiah Yusof.

I am Sarah from 2 Amanah. The title of my talk today is called "A Genius Hitting Rock Bottom".
I would like to talk about the once 13 year old genius we've all heard of. I'm talking about this specific person today because I would like to prove how at once point of this life, one can be at the highest stage possible and the next minute yoiu can hit rock bottom.
One can be at the highest stage possible and the next minute you can hit rock bottom

Sufiah Yusof was just 13 years old when she was admitted to Oxford University, one of the most prestigious universities of the world to further her studies in mathematics.Sufiah was homeschooled and was brought up in a very strict environment. She was claimed to be once of the geniuses of the world because mostly at that age, an ordinary person would just be in secondary school.
At the age of 15, after 2 years in university, Sufiah ran way. She claimed to have experience physical and psychological pressure from her father.
Now after 10 years, the country was shocked to hear that Sufiah is now a prostitute. The once renowned young genius whom we expected to be highly successful in studies and life has been derailed. She is now involved in something morally and religiously wrong. She has disappointed her family and The world.
Therefore, no matter how hard-working you are and how well you perform in school today, would not guarantee you a good and successful like if it is not done willingly and full heartedly. Good morals and a strong believe in god also plays a big role to direct us to the right path.

Extract from Siti Sarah's speech
Current 5Amanah..
(I miss the grafitty at the back of the class)

Most gracious thank you is extended to the head mistress Pn.Sakiah, Encik Razaman, Pn.Kee and all other whom provided their views in this article.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Digi Reload Contest Media Launch

Well.. I always feel tired and lazy right after events... but Whatever la... I've been resting for 1 week, so no more excuse to sleep on the blog d... and only right AFTER the event.. I realize that my ad is gone... *sigh* read up la...
Yes, I taught i was going to have fun stepping into a box of snakes.... not until you sign that piece of paper that says you're screw and on your own if you get bitten/eaten/whatsoever

This is my second nuffnang event, which is also a press release/ media launch. This is my second event. For those who don't know what is this about.. Let this video help clear things up

So, we gathered there at 3.00pm. Most gracious thanks to Robb for keeping our lovely critters mostly alive.. (Apparently some bugs died). The press kit was filled with cool stuff, although it looks more like a goodie bag compared to the press screening of "L change the WorLd"

Yes, I did played with the snake abit.. With other big big camera flashing at me... taunting me to touch the bigger snake... *Err, I think I'm gonna have to pay the bill myself if I get screwed!??*

Tumbs up for touching the phyton...

Playing with the snake... My hands were actually as cold as the snake..

Robb doing a pose with the snake... This looks the best pose :P
A Toast to us for starting the drinks!!! *after staring at it for a while XD

The reptile was scared of Kate, and she said it stinks... but sadly it didn't change to a prince.. maybe it only works for frogs :P

None the less, this event was filled with various games like snake and ladder and the box of random insect with the key to win the Ipod shuffle... Yes, Ipod shuffle.. and 2 lucky female bloggers won it!! *look below!!!

Our pretty & lucky Ipod Shuffle winners.. (sori for the over expose image)

Joshua holding the snake.. I think that's how it suppose to be held..

After the event, we some how came up with the idea of going for a meal together.. and since I suggested Charms, plus so conveniently Robb has a 50% off. So we are off to Charms The Curve!!

Poser girls with shades..

I was talking about something and my picture was taken.. *as you can see... I have the habit of doing hand moving kongfu when talking*

Natural Pose... He is so born to pose good as posing..

1 Great picture... 10 bloggers... A great place..

At the end of the day, I have learned more about blogging, the community and how things work.. Always looking forward to more events..
Till Then..
PC fair post will have to wait..

P.S: I am refreshing my Gmail every 5 minutes waiting for a certain email to be sent :P

Thursday, April 3, 2008

After a While...

Yes, I know... Its been 10 days since I've last posted any article on my web page.
Everyone's busy with their own agenda.. There should be no excuse....
So here's the highlight of the first 10 days of April:

(yes, I'm starting to run out of kancil pictures to start the post)

This was the 5th, 6th and 7th time driving the instructors kancil around town and going through the same circuit of hill climb, 3 point turn and side parking.
Things that i have confidence in:
  • Driving slowly and carefully on the road
  • Side Parking is not a problem
  • 3 point turn is a laughable test. but yes, Its tricky...
  • Going uphill will not kill me
  • Traffic Jam is a norm that happens in KL, I can handle it
  • Trailers, Trucks, and Oil Tankers do not give way to small vehicle, so just squeeze
Basically, i think i am fit for the driving test..
I have driven to the Batu Cave test exam site twice.. (Once i was caught in a bad traffic jam for blardy half and hour. The other was is smooth traffic, But terrible heavy rain..) But for confidence sake, and prevention of retakes that cost about RM150 (which i am so very unwilling to pay).. Thus, I'll only be taking the exam on the 22nd of April...

On other News:

After long week of procrastinating, I finally visited the school of Kota Damansara Seksyen 10.. Truth to be told, this school is a tad further than Taman Sea. But the location of the school is serene and calming.. surrounded by flora and fauna. The side entrance is next to the main road which is a good drop-off point for parents and students.. The main entrance is located in the inner part of the school, which serves ample of parking space for driving students to the school.
The PK1 of the school was very helpful, as she left her work and provided me with all the information i needed.
After several tries traveling from home to school with the usual school time and all.. I should be going to this school, unless other option arise..
For now, These are some of the few details:
  • Lower 6 goes to school mid May right before the school holidays
  • Ko-ko activites should only apply in upper six
  • That school is not short of teachers
  • I would be 1 of the 3rd batch of form 6 from that school
  • Uniform is White shirt, Black pants
  • Driving is allowed, Motorcycle too
  • It take 17 minutes to reach that school from home
  • Distance from school is 9KM
  • There is a mini jungle track with a stagnant lake located not far from school
  • Nearest McD is 5 minutes drive away