Thursday, April 3, 2008

After a While...

Yes, I know... Its been 10 days since I've last posted any article on my web page.
Everyone's busy with their own agenda.. There should be no excuse....
So here's the highlight of the first 10 days of April:

(yes, I'm starting to run out of kancil pictures to start the post)

This was the 5th, 6th and 7th time driving the instructors kancil around town and going through the same circuit of hill climb, 3 point turn and side parking.
Things that i have confidence in:
  • Driving slowly and carefully on the road
  • Side Parking is not a problem
  • 3 point turn is a laughable test. but yes, Its tricky...
  • Going uphill will not kill me
  • Traffic Jam is a norm that happens in KL, I can handle it
  • Trailers, Trucks, and Oil Tankers do not give way to small vehicle, so just squeeze
Basically, i think i am fit for the driving test..
I have driven to the Batu Cave test exam site twice.. (Once i was caught in a bad traffic jam for blardy half and hour. The other was is smooth traffic, But terrible heavy rain..) But for confidence sake, and prevention of retakes that cost about RM150 (which i am so very unwilling to pay).. Thus, I'll only be taking the exam on the 22nd of April...

On other News:

After long week of procrastinating, I finally visited the school of Kota Damansara Seksyen 10.. Truth to be told, this school is a tad further than Taman Sea. But the location of the school is serene and calming.. surrounded by flora and fauna. The side entrance is next to the main road which is a good drop-off point for parents and students.. The main entrance is located in the inner part of the school, which serves ample of parking space for driving students to the school.
The PK1 of the school was very helpful, as she left her work and provided me with all the information i needed.
After several tries traveling from home to school with the usual school time and all.. I should be going to this school, unless other option arise..
For now, These are some of the few details:
  • Lower 6 goes to school mid May right before the school holidays
  • Ko-ko activites should only apply in upper six
  • That school is not short of teachers
  • I would be 1 of the 3rd batch of form 6 from that school
  • Uniform is White shirt, Black pants
  • Driving is allowed, Motorcycle too
  • It take 17 minutes to reach that school from home
  • Distance from school is 9KM
  • There is a mini jungle track with a stagnant lake located not far from school
  • Nearest McD is 5 minutes drive away

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Pikachu said...

The reason why I will still convince you to study in Sek 10
1. McD is only 5 minutes away. The nearest McD to TMN SEA is in SS2 (hard to find parking)
2. There is on parking space for students in the school compound in TMN SEA (forced to park by the road side and risk getting summons from MPPJ)
3. In TMN SEA you wear white shirt and white pants and black shoes (you risk getting black / brown bottoms after school each day)
4. Forced to take ko-ku in lower and upper 6.
5. Student politics is rampart and you tend to get segregated by which school you came from.
6. TMN SEA got no flora or fauna.