Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Street King

-Yes, I haven't posted in such a long while..

Street Kings

I saw this movie last week with my bro and retinue...

Being a fan of 3 famous stars:
Keanu Reeves , bing the emotional Neo from the matrix trilogy
Forest Whitaker, King of Scotland's ruthless general
and Hugh Laurie from House

Upon seeing these stars in the show, you have to give them credit for their acting skills and presentation in the film. As the show starts of with Tom (Keanu Reeves) getting up for a backyard arms deal. Then the suspends slowly grows to show the full plot of the show.

Keanu Reeves as the trigger-happy detective Tom Ludlow

Now, the show has lots of shootie scenes to fill up the action void. The chemistry between all the character is like vanilla ice cream and coke. They taste good as it is and better with each other. For all the good things that put the show together from the casts, bullets and all the props used in the show. These was 1 flaw that put a huge dent in this movie: The plot.
The plot makes no sense to me, no sense at all. From a trigger happy cop, to a gong-ho revenge seeking cop, then he practically shoots everyone in the hood. How did he get away with it?? by killing his own boss...
Geeze, It doesn't make any sense to me. More to show that this only happens in the movies.
That shows that such a great cast from different acting backgrounds with their own success under their belt are still doomed when you have a half-drunk writing your movie script.
The movie is so bad, you actually will forget most of the scenes after a sweet nap. Enough said. Thank god that this movie is no longer screening. For those who wants to get the DvD copy, I suggest you save that buck for a raining day.

-watching Iron Man this weekend, hope it doesn't suck as bad as this-


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