Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm not so loving it...

Yes, Trigonometry..
I blame you for taking all my brain juice away.. brain too dried to write up something proper..


Hitler cat found in KL, I shall name it Adolf!!

Sorry people, the reunion posts and twisters will have to wait for some other day...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

6 Weeks is the key

For some random unknown reason, its 6 weeks is left in the year.. That's a little more of a month..
Time set a list of ups, downs and achievements, things we wanna show off and everything els...

I'm confused and i just want to rant...

Ps. New template test..

Monday, November 17, 2008

What am i into now

Yeah, i rampas this from the library XD

Sorry, have been busy lately.. Exam's is taking the life off me... As i have a gazzzllliiioonnn things to post... try to make some time..

Till then...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Shi kills the devil 3 times over

On the 9th evening of October, marks the 10 days period of a Hindu festival when the Goddess Shi killed the evil...

Being an independent person at 18 years of age, i didn't experience much of other cultures and religious believes and festive s....

Thanks again to Komathi for the invite to the temple near your place, lets share the experience...

The temple's priest proceding with the bathing of the goddess Shi..

At the Start

We gathered at Komathi's house at about 7 plus, after chilling and knowing her family and all.. Yeah, we took off to the temple which was a stone throw away..

A nice picture to start the night..
(All Thanks to Komathi's neighbour Suruya)

Next, we walk around the temple ground.. Looking and praying to all the various goddess and deities which populate the area..
The priest and retinue were getting ready the various religious icons and relic's for the ceremonial procession...

The man with the Staff which killed evil..

Me and Eyka gave offerings and praying for luck, strength and fortitude for our future... Yea, and the temple did have a coin offering pond. In which you make a wish and flip the coin into the pond..
Making an offering of incense to the deities

Soon after, the crowd began to gather and the auspicious time came.. The priest began with a short speech welcoming the people and beginning the ceremony,

As the priest addresses the crowd before he begin..

The *drum rolls* and pipe music starts.... A good coordination between the priest during the procession and the musicians as they play and and chat in sync..

Yeah, the dude with the flute and the finger drums..

The priest made offerings to the goddess with various relics.. from candles, lamps and to a very dangerous looking saw.. This marks the preparation before the goddess heads to battle (with evil)
Offering of Light

Soon after the various offerings, the goddess decided to mobilize to fight evil.. Thus various hulks came to bring her to cleanse the place of evil..

Hulks doing their job

Carrying the deity around the compound to symbolize the journey

Thus, the deity came to confront evil.. coming up in a straight charge against it (evil stood a form of a banana tree..)

The charging of the goddess...

(but this part is so potong-stim. At the most exciting part of the event, my camera had some battery malfunction problem.. No thanks to expired batteries from a herbal shop..)

Finally, burning the remains of evil..

Thus, the goddess headed back, and cleanse herself ...

so we had time to camwhore while they prepare for the following procession..
Gaya and I

Eyka, Khomathi, and Suruya

Suruya and I

Me and Eyka

Thus, they bathe the goddess in Water, Milk and a mixture of fruits and honey.. To Clean her after killing evil..

And after the festival, there was banana leaf feast..
Apparently, different from other cultures.. This feast is not self service..
(From a Chinese point of view, who would want to treat you food and serve you at the same time, go get your own XD)
They were very hospitable, and i still love the chilly-sambal-taufu..

Banana Leaf rice

Okay, after the event we went back.....
Thanks again to Komathi and Suruya being our guide for the event, and Gaya for transporting us savely to and fore.. XD

Yeah, there's more...
After the goddess bathing ceremony,

We saw a national celebrity,

National Badminton Player, Lee Chong Wei!!!!
He came to receive blessings from the gods before the next competition..
Plus he came from humble beginnings, staying at the village off Bukit Kiara..
Here's the pict, to show that it did happend!!

Yeah, we don't look alike..
(Yeah, the facial reaction is due to the stunned face rubbing shoulders with celebs)


Unfortunetly, my camera got knocked out right after that... So no pictures with the other players...


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Speeding Trip up Awana in 45 minutes

During the raya seasons.....

Yeah, 45 minutes ride of your life... Running through the semi-dry road of Ulu Yam trunk road.. Passing through the Selangor water reservoir, Steams of fresh water caption area populated with the various Classes and Orders of fishes.... And traveling at an average 80Km/h through the tight, winding and incline steps of the Ulu-Yam to Genting route..

Revving of the engine wakes all life through the valley....
Passing tree, earth, sky, tree, earth , sky, occasional orang asli earth, sky, tree, earth , sky, passing traffic, and more earth, sky, tree, earth , sky and tress.... It does wonders of a city-boy whom rarely travel out of handphone reception area, enjoying the lush forest and greenery of Malaysia..
Plus the 45 minute trips was filled with jokes , laughter and G-force swaying me from side to side..

First and only stop throughout the journey was the Awana Genting stop..
When the door opened, a rush of cool air, lower air pressure creating a cool surrounding does puts on a joker's grin for as long as we were there...

1337-mobile visits Awana, Bro's the driver.. I'm just decor to make the car heavier XD

Yo!!! Poser for Awana!! You don't come here everyday just to pose and have breakfast..

Still grinning and enjoying the scenic view..

Yeha.. Then we had breakfast in somewhat under-staff-hari-raya-mood mamak stall which don't serve curry early in the morning with their rotis....

Yeah, the trip back down was done with the high way... Less scenic, less dangerous, makes it less memorable...

Last but no Least.....

Serious Cat found in Awana!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pitch Black Soldiers

After doing a few post, it stuck me that i did a post about my 40K miniature range.. and i even had a label for it...

Thus, here is a genesis from the 2 humble tanks that spawned the monstrosity of the


The original Tan camo color

At the time i had only 2 tanks to ogle at

Then, after lots of fixing,buying,fixing and more buying... I expanded the army....

The darker shade of ogryns.. Looks relative dark compared to the real ones...

The collection of the PBA (Pitch Black Army)

-I'm just too lazy to upkeep them by fix,spray,paint,fix,spray,paint,fix,spray,paint......

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hard at work, and play.....

Its that time of the year again.. When exams are imminent, and the experiments are taxing, troublesome and sometimes just plain wtf..

No matter, this is how the L6Sc does it..

First, we must prepare for the experiment, by drawing up hypothesis
( or just copy from your friends or tiru the book la yo......)
As show below, students are hard at work.. Creating a condusive study environment and doing their work (for show only...)
they were really doing work, I was just bored...

Take seniors examples as examples (wtf sentence)

The dreaded experiement, Mosses, Roaches, Crickets and so on...

Check cap for failure, look through the apparatus and equipments.. (yeah right, who does it??)

Komathi's moss preservation..

Compare experiment module with other lab partners...
(show off la now....)
Julian G showing big sis how its done

Then when no problems arise,
proceed on to the following experiments:

De bowel the insects:

Yeah, we kill em then we gut them..

Then stuff with cotton to preserve the shape and curves XD

Finally, Pin up the board

On the other hand,

All Work and no play makes L6Sc a bad class..

There's always room for mischiefs, camwhoring, and the down right silly...

Caution to All Readers: Do not try this in school, may get you expelled. Pictures are for Illustration.


Wee Sheong testing out his new disection kit, Nigel thought we was getting a hair cut..

After drying insects with the blower, Nigel could use it for some fun XD

Thus, Eyka had to redo his ruined hair..

Finally XD

PS. I didn't put the other 1, it was way too obscene