Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hard at work, and play.....

Its that time of the year again.. When exams are imminent, and the experiments are taxing, troublesome and sometimes just plain wtf..

No matter, this is how the L6Sc does it..

First, we must prepare for the experiment, by drawing up hypothesis
( or just copy from your friends or tiru the book la yo......)
As show below, students are hard at work.. Creating a condusive study environment and doing their work (for show only...)
they were really doing work, I was just bored...

Take seniors examples as examples (wtf sentence)

The dreaded experiement, Mosses, Roaches, Crickets and so on...

Check cap for failure, look through the apparatus and equipments.. (yeah right, who does it??)

Komathi's moss preservation..

Compare experiment module with other lab partners...
(show off la now....)
Julian G showing big sis how its done

Then when no problems arise,
proceed on to the following experiments:

De bowel the insects:

Yeah, we kill em then we gut them..

Then stuff with cotton to preserve the shape and curves XD

Finally, Pin up the board

On the other hand,

All Work and no play makes L6Sc a bad class..

There's always room for mischiefs, camwhoring, and the down right silly...

Caution to All Readers: Do not try this in school, may get you expelled. Pictures are for Illustration.


Wee Sheong testing out his new disection kit, Nigel thought we was getting a hair cut..

After drying insects with the blower, Nigel could use it for some fun XD

Thus, Eyka had to redo his ruined hair..

Finally XD

PS. I didn't put the other 1, it was way too obscene


keira said...

hahhahahahahaha! tis post rox!!! XDXD

Rhonwyn H. said...

Excuse me?????
who did the yings and ron???? -.-