Wednesday, October 15, 2008

15 Ounce of Blood

Donation is a word quite irritating to everyone's ears.. Donate money here, give money there... But how much actually gets to the person that's in need? and how do they know that the person in need has more urgency for cash then other... So why bother donating money if it may not change people's life the way you wanted...

Take a change....

Donate something everyone has, and you'll need it in life and death situations...

Donate Blood!!!

Quite simple few steps:

1. Look out for a blood donation campaign..
2. Make sure you are 18 and above
3. Get enough sleep, no alcoholic drinks the night before..
4. Have a light breakfast before donation, (the earlier you eat, the less stress on the stomach while donating blood)
5. Go get registered at the blood drive campaign
6. Go through a simple form of yes/no's
7. Short checkup before donating....Awaiting my blood-book

8. By now, you'll be sitting on the chair waiting for the pretty orderlies/nurses to get some of your blood...Yeah, see no pain at all.... simple and easy!!
9. Relaxing/posing /stoning or what ever you seem fit of doing while your blood is flowing into the bag... (camwhoring is allowed XD)Trying to look dead XD

10.Tada, here's the 450ml of blood!!
In some cases, the blood may be split and separated into 3 bags. This will of course save 3 people's life!!!
My 450ml of blood to save the needy

11.Take a rest and enjoy some simple beverage and bread prepared..

And you have save a life.....

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