Sunday, April 20, 2008

Starting the week.... on the second day....

Yes, Its a Monday... Tuesday.. A day which much much more motivation is required to start moving and getting things done...

On Monday:

There was driving lesson at 1.. It was suppose to be my last driving lesson, as I have the driving examination on the next day... I was still very much blur on the hill climb test, and yes, I was half awake at mid-day.. (my blur syndrome have a long timespan.. live with it)
To my surprise, my instructor wanted to go to the JPJ course located near Batu Caves. (note:I learn my driving in Kepong)It was still far, plus the last time we went there. We were stuck in a blardy traffic jam that took out valuable time, and causing frustration and pain.(BEWARE!!! The faulty clutch induces angle injuries.)
To my expectation, he came to pick me up late as always. Plus the long lag along Jalan Kuching didn't help in anyway, we took a turn and rounded up the lesson.. Yes, I was pissed as i didn't practice any Hill Clime ,3 point turn or side parking.. 2 hours "hangus" because of a jam and his "punctuality"

Note: Driving Instructors are important, they give the "Gure kencing berdiri, Murid kencing berlari" syndrome.. Please find a "proper" driving school when time comes..

P.S: Till to date, I've spent a total of 24 hours driving on the road. (12 hours extra)

On Tuesday, (Exam Day, D-Day [Driving Day], whateverdoomdayyoucanthinkof)

Yeesh, the place located for the driving test is located in Ulu Langat. For those who don't know where it is:

*Ulu Langat:
SEE!!! Its located the other end of KL, just imagine the oh-so-uncomfortable 1 hour party van transport van ride. ONE WHOLE HOUR JUST TO REACH THE DESTINATION MAN!!!! URGHHHH!!!! As i reach the driving school right on time, waited for 10 mins.. Then the boss came, then some dude which took his long sweet time made us wait and wait and wait... Like the anxiety of the exam is not enough.. Waiting for it made it worst man!!!

OK, ok.. It took another hour to reach that place.. Enough rants about it, the place is actually quite serene, quiet, cooling and it feels somewhat like the foothill of genting.. MMhhh... Yes, the good environment did its magic.. Its actually a very nice place to take your exam, its not that hot.. but beware of the scary JPJ officers

All in all, It took 10 minutes to finish all the test required. The rest of the time was wasted waiting for our turn, waiting for our L lisance, and waiting for the others to finish their test... Its more waiting then anything els.. and Yes, I did pass my driving test.. On the road was not bad, as the place is quiet and there was little traffic. The hill clime was tricky, but the constant practice (and scholding from that instructor) did help. Finally, The exam is done, and I'll be getting my P lisance on thursday.

Till Then....

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