Friday, April 11, 2008

Digi Reload Contest Media Launch

Well.. I always feel tired and lazy right after events... but Whatever la... I've been resting for 1 week, so no more excuse to sleep on the blog d... and only right AFTER the event.. I realize that my ad is gone... *sigh* read up la...
Yes, I taught i was going to have fun stepping into a box of snakes.... not until you sign that piece of paper that says you're screw and on your own if you get bitten/eaten/whatsoever

This is my second nuffnang event, which is also a press release/ media launch. This is my second event. For those who don't know what is this about.. Let this video help clear things up

So, we gathered there at 3.00pm. Most gracious thanks to Robb for keeping our lovely critters mostly alive.. (Apparently some bugs died). The press kit was filled with cool stuff, although it looks more like a goodie bag compared to the press screening of "L change the WorLd"

Yes, I did played with the snake abit.. With other big big camera flashing at me... taunting me to touch the bigger snake... *Err, I think I'm gonna have to pay the bill myself if I get screwed!??*

Tumbs up for touching the phyton...

Playing with the snake... My hands were actually as cold as the snake..

Robb doing a pose with the snake... This looks the best pose :P
A Toast to us for starting the drinks!!! *after staring at it for a while XD

The reptile was scared of Kate, and she said it stinks... but sadly it didn't change to a prince.. maybe it only works for frogs :P

None the less, this event was filled with various games like snake and ladder and the box of random insect with the key to win the Ipod shuffle... Yes, Ipod shuffle.. and 2 lucky female bloggers won it!! *look below!!!

Our pretty & lucky Ipod Shuffle winners.. (sori for the over expose image)

Joshua holding the snake.. I think that's how it suppose to be held..

After the event, we some how came up with the idea of going for a meal together.. and since I suggested Charms, plus so conveniently Robb has a 50% off. So we are off to Charms The Curve!!

Poser girls with shades..

I was talking about something and my picture was taken.. *as you can see... I have the habit of doing hand moving kongfu when talking*

Natural Pose... He is so born to pose good as posing..

1 Great picture... 10 bloggers... A great place..

At the end of the day, I have learned more about blogging, the community and how things work.. Always looking forward to more events..
Till Then..
PC fair post will have to wait..

P.S: I am refreshing my Gmail every 5 minutes waiting for a certain email to be sent :P


N!ck said...

P.S: I am refreshing my Gmail every 5 minutes waiting for a certain email to be sent :P <=== LOL.. so desperate meh? XP

julian said...

Hey I put up a photo of you being a hit with the journalists, hope you don't mind. Are you going to be in the papers then??

Kimballsos said...

Well, as Robb said. I shouldn't have much hope on the thing... But yea, I'm flipping through the papers everyday.. and the picture of me in your blog.. Its cool, I should thanks you as I'll be the 1 famous :P

Pikachu said...

Hey hey~!
you played with the snake?
Did Oddball sniff you afterwards? did she bite or anything? Or your after meals covered the snake smell?
So cool~! Now I'm missing KL life... *sob*sob*

Kimballsos said...

Urm.. I was quite tired once I've reach back, the dog didn't give any particular attention anyways... she was happy all the way..