Monday, March 10, 2008

OMG!!! Accident...

"As eagerly as i can, I was opening the door and "Wamb!"
An event that was really shocking, I really didn't know opening the door could cause so much damage... Accidents are not your best of friends and neither do people look forward to them.. To all my friends that drives (or taking their class/exam what-so-ever) ALWAYS be more careful and alert on the road.. Accidents happen without warning..

-An accident- (happened on the 10th March 08)

It started when me and my mom was on the way to the bank. As both of us was in a hurry, because she had to bank in some urgent checks while i was going to get a ATM card of my own.
Besides that, we had to drop a check to a local grill(not food) maker whom we owed. As his shop was right next to a traffic light beside the main road, I thought it wouldn't be necessary to drive in as it was just a simple drop-and-go. So as the light turn red, we nicely stop right in front of the shop on the main road. As eagerly as i can, I was opening the door and "Wamb!"

"Aiyo!!" was the only thing i heard at the spur of the moment blurt by mom.. Then only i had realized i had clipped a motorcyclist with the door. The poor man was already half lying on the side of the road, with his motorcycle between his legs. Quickly, i moved him further inner the pavement to reduce the danger of the traffic. I did move him a little, enough to free him from his bike. Then the grill maker came out and gave a helping hand, as i was not moving the bike with all my effort. He pushed it away.

I hurried to the downed man, he was clearly in shock. He could hardly acknowledge us to our furies of question. We then waited for him to get to his senses, then we accompanied him to the nearest clinic. Thanks to the calmness and patience of the grill boss that manage to help us get the injured man to the clinic that fast. His motorcycle was kept at the store for the time being.

I quickly brought the man to the clinic for emergency attention. The doctor was kind enough to look to the mans wounds first and let the other non-so-urgent patients wait. The doctor then told us that he was not in any immediate danger, He too mentioned that the vein and tendon of the leg was not injured and the wound on his leg was just a flesh wound. The doctor asked to be left alone with the patient as he cleans his wound.

As we waited out side the treatment room, I was pondering on so many "what-if?" that would have change the situation for the better, or for worst.. My mom didn't grumble much as it was really an accident and all of us was at fault for this unwanted incident. Then the doctor asked for an audience with us after 10 minutes.. He told us that the old man was resting while the Anastasia was taking effect on his leg, he would need to sew 2 layers of flesh as the cut was deep and it could take some time. The doctor asked us to attend to urgent business and as this would take some time. Thus, I went and apologized to the old man again and again before leaving for the errands that we were suppose to do..

After attending to the required errands (I did not get my ATM card today as it wasn't the right time) we went back to the clinic. The old man was in much better conditioned than before, his face was not that pale and he's not feel that bad any more. The then doctor gave a briefing on the various do's and don't to the old man. We were then called to wait outside as the nurses prepare the medications. I exchanged names and phone number with the old man as a we could be contacted in case anything further happens. Soon after, we were given the medication for the man and the bill. We sent the old man back to his house, which was a 5 minutes drive nearby.

On the way, my mom spoke hokkien as her mandarin was not well verse. The old man was so calm even after the sewing of his wound, he didn't utter a single word of who's fault it was, he didn't even scold me for being careless. I feel very sorry for the old man to cause such hurt, but he did express his gratitude for being so responsible after causing the incident. We sent him into his house, and gave his wife a short story of what happened. His wife was looking after 2 small children for a living, she was so kind not to blow her temper to either me or the old man. She was so concerned yet not over reacting to the situation. We then explained to the old man regarding the medications and all. He was very calm and well verse on his diabetic and hypertension situations. He speaks hokkein, mandarin and even english. We left soon after that...


As it was just 2 days before, i was celebrating my birthday with all my friends. Receiving the plenty of presents and well wishes. This event today teaches me to be more responsible and alert in any situation, especially on the road as life is precious. As i am waiting for my L license to be released, I find this situation a very clear reminder on how accidents can caused injuries or even kill another person.
Please be careful on the road...

-sorry for not updating the birthday's post, but i think this was more important-

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