Sunday, March 9, 2008

Birthday Night

-I'll just let the pictures tell the story-
-I'll just do the caption-
Khit yeng blowing at the candle, while i was gesturing to some1.. Hasyim looks over while germaine prepares to blow the candles....

The Men/Boys of the night.. (Nigel clearly having fun)

The whole crew doing free pose (Thanks to sakina's sis for taking the picture)

A proper picture XD

More weird posers...

Nigel having fun with the girls

Ann, Ee wynn and me(clearly red because of the alcohol)

Veggie pose..(Amelia clearly do not like celery :P sorry)

The whole table of people, its a little long...

The Pose (GOCC 2008)

Drink posing..

My other end of the table (clearly another red pict of me)

Destroying the evidence I mean finishing the drink..

The girls

So Marks an end of another reunion..
-I'll upload the various presents soon-

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