Friday, March 28, 2008

Thirds on Driving

The Third Driving Lesson:
27/3/08 (Thursday)
This time, the class started at 1pm in the hot afternoon.. To my surprise, the driving instructor came early. Right on the dot of 1pm.
So, the instructor let me drove the car at the start. Usually, for the last 2 classes.. I would only drive when we've reach the place to practice in Manjalara. This time i had to drive, not to manjalara, but to the Driving examination HQ that is located in Sentul... Firstly, I have yet to figure out how to work the clutch smoothly on the road.. Besides that, I didn't know the way there... So, imagine how a L license drive studders on the heavy traffic Kepong main road, All the way to Jalan Kuching round about, Then to Jalan Sentul.... *THIS IS MADNESS!!!!*
Luckily, the madness only lasted 15 minutes, giving that i was driving at the fastest of 40Km/h.. But i reached the destination nontheless...
Then I was chilling out in the air conditioned front desk for the registration for drivers to be... My instructor then told me: "Er.... You want to take your Exam ASAP right???, You can take fastest on the 15th. Only Monday or Tuesday. Tell me 1 week in advance. And retake is RM150"
(Retake is RM150!!! OMG!!! I can do much more with the money than using it to pay their already inflated salary...) 'Er.. I think I'll tell you when I'm ready for the exam la... Don't need to rush.. I'll pay you for the extra driving lessons'
After 20 minutes of chilling, we headed back to the training ground... This time, they had hill climb challenge.. First, Side parking.... First Reverse to the pole parallel to the C pillar of the car, Then turn 1 and a half to the left, reverse until 6 poles are visible... Then reverse straight until the back wheel is on the white line... Max the steering to the right... Reverse as close as possible to the pillars... Then take a max left... And we are in the box!!! Reverse to the poles again, Turn right with the steering for 3 times and exit the box... Finish...
As this place have been used for so many drivers taking their test.. The tar from the ground have been eroded.. So when you're in place, the car just stays...
Now, tackling the 3 point turn... Vroom vroom vroom... Done... Nothing to worry about.. As long as i remember to balance the clutch..
Uphill challenge.. I cannot explain how i loathe this damn thing... Although i know its compulsory.. You tend to hate it.. Giving that the 600cc of a kancil has problem climbing that incline of5 degrees... Yes, I didn't make it right the first time.. Neither did i get it right on the second try... Took me a couple of minutes of the instructor pointing and me nodding to get the car right in place.. and it wasn't perfect... Seesh... I need more training...
Having done that close circuit for 50 minutes... We left for the office... Driving back was not such a headache.. I manage to solve the clutch + accelerator balancing act thingy.. but 600cc is still a drag.. Anyways... I made it back without much problem..

Next Class: Tuesday 10am

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