Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Law of Olympiad -Continued-

Alert!!! more picture spam.... (i'm just too lazy to use my brain to think of somthing productive to write about, picture's are a thousand words.... so that'll fill in the blanks )

Posers outside guess... (Roy, me, Soon)

Soon ate too much till fall asleep, and Jeremy still feeing him..

JT emo look and Nigel how's-the-weather-today look

Y.Soon can't resist the beauty of the chick....

Y.Soon score a ball!!!!!!!

Halfway posting pictures, then it strikes me... We took a bus to OU after the law of olympiad from HELP... thus us having half school-U lepaking all over the place.... more to enjoy :P

First not-so-right picture of trying to pose between the trees....

Posers take 1

Posers take 2!!
I don't know the theme of this, but i think its something about me getting raped..

Roy "watering" the plants :P

Random Conversation pose

Still thinking on how to pose...

Y.Soon taking a finger dip..

Last but not least picture :P
(Hui Leng was just randomly there)

Alas, finish this event... Will be more funny lols coming up :P Till then.....

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