Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kent's B'day....

This was so last minute, sorry for not bringing anything better for the night la..... but hope the pictures turned out nice. Enjoy!!

Warning.... Really really loads of pictures ahead....

As you see, pictures are a mess, will rearrange them in due time..........
*edit, captions added*

This was after waiting "5 seconds" of posing

Something better :p

I look better in this 1
She looks better in this 1
Ian always poses very readily
Us, with some Wai Jin's hair..
Clearly, i was still very much half asleep... my pictures all turned out wrong :'(
Always ready for the camera, makes you love the food the fetches too..

Ian indulging on chicken wings..

Mei Yenn caught my taking some cadid :P


Urm, pose

2 half drunk but very high guys...

Birthday boy..

Woei hern.. Staring at his meal..
His meal wasn't so bad after all, still smiling.. Ian's hand...

Always wash it down with some bear...

Joselyn and Siew yee having their meal....

Look who i caught taking pictures of others??

Some girl at the party..

Siew yee's egg sandwich (nope, Ann you're not getting any)
Wai jin smiling evilly at them... ( i wonder why..)

Last but not least, the pictures of the cake, and the celebration... 10 is the new 12 o'clock, cuz every1 have to go back :P

Happy birthday

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